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The National Convention met in Washington on January t. 1820
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the eye filled with blood so as entirely to conceal from view the
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through the partly everted lower lid. He next takes his
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rity of the left eye and relieve the patient of his sufferings in
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use the language of Brown is the chief pathological condition
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short period but if the patient be of a lymphatic tem
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and its first officers were. President James Tilton Vice
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that I use his own words the hour which joins the arm tothe
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be prevented altogether by giving the ergot immediately before
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when he came to America and his letters to her con
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vagina do but little good and injections of ice water or styptic
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lege of attending and observing the practice of those chosen for the
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etation which is constantly undergoing decomposition
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must suppose the usual causes of inflammation e. g. mechanical
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Indian tribes by it was a providential in t cfpos i rioo of
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and have occasion to refer to hereafter. There are several pecu
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only a very slight obscurity of sound in the left sub clavicular
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been fractured its internal table for instance driven in upon the
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such as are wont to occur after difficult labors accompanied by
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lief te the patient only to be renewed with increased
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erysipelas. These for want of greater precision have been
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till better remedies be provided in the power of a society including
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of M. Lutens has the merit of priority and is worthy of fixing
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posing influences as winter a better climate. amp c or such
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ded symptom he had no distressing head ache no cough little
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gredients of almost every dish in one greasy union.
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the time the pressure is exerted affect the two canals in the
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tions habits amp c. tend to modify the character of each
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themselves for whilst these are concisely and beautifully set
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terrupt the cerebral circulation except in one of the hemispheres
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morrhage by exerting compression on the wound by means of a
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cope takes place during which it is nearly or entirely suspended
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either of a sharp aching or burning character pains
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polar attraction before known was to the other purposes of navigation. But that
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considerable swelling of tlie labia are liable to occur second
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presented with well authenticated cures by the undiluted tinctures
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ment the patient still on low diet. February 16lh. Bled
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cerned of the same nature as topical congestion and is indeed
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ing that these results are merely symptoms of the in
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which are usually present in gout but in making our
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in the supply of either of these essentials may modify
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parts impressed and those modifications of irritability
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It may so affect the system as to remind one constantly
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first settlements than did the emigrants who had settled
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persons coming from Philadelphia without a certificate
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or absence of pupillary movements. In other cases the im
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ing the patient in the best possible condition for the
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lean at any time raise the pulse in this way. On repeated
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compartments so as to produce their optical effect. Our authors
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tions of the disease and then to consider what is its peculiar
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stances these stages are reversed or one or more of
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and movements into one great active focus or centre near the
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at the angles eyes fixed and dull nose dry swollen
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riam dropsy not unfrequently participate in similar changes to
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rable valvular disease with extreme functional disorder of the
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differing in amount devclope upon rupture quantities of electri
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to our authors that the sense of taste exclusively resides. The
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A very effectual method and one which is particularly
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just after a meal when threatened with an attack and to intermit
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quickness with which the fluid is evacuated but you must not
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vided that he adapts himself by his habits and dietetic
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gravity of diseases and consequently vary the statistics of our
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extensively altered in an irregular manner being heaped up
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every second hour. The success of this was almost magical.
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tended to the serous membranes in the latter case there
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requiring more causes than are adequate to the effect or rather she
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and the effects of remedies. The rapid advancement in
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acute attacks of children with suffocative cough very
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well as of most other diseases the impartial physician
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occurs that the symptoms of the complaint are all ag
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those of Dr. Stafford in his possession would be regarded
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ther on we shall endeavour to make this distinction as
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to be ill past recovery for his friends to gather and make
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becomes necessary to reduce the size in order to obtain any
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at Plymouth. News came to the latter place that Mas


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